The difference between who you are and what you want to be is what you do.

At SSD Oil Mills, what we did was to start at the very beginning!

We began by trading in cotton seeds and we went on to spread our reach nationwide. By 1988, we became the first in the country to package refined cotton seed oil. We later branched out to Rice Bran Oil, Palm Oil and Sunflower Oil and then, we spent years researching and perfecting the technology before entering the speciality fats business.

We believe that great products need superior insights into industry requirements. That is the reason why we spent countless hours with Bakers and Chefs to understand every product nuance that is critical for practical application. We then went on to create some unique products designed to close the gaps in customers’ needs.

We have always believed that the product that wins is the one that bridges the customer to the future…we will continue to do that with our products.

Customised and the state-of-the-art

Our approach to our machinery and the facility has been guided by our own experience. While our experience helps us in confirming some theories, it has also led us to new truths.

Our refining plant has a capacity of 500 tons per day and uses Belgian machinery. It is equipped to process a variety of edible oils to cater to all customer requirements. Yet, our range of machinery also includes those specially customised, to create products that are truly unique. In fact, each of our products has a distinctive product map.  This means that there is a high degree of customisation, keeping in mind consumer needs.

Our Speciality Fat Manufacturing Facility has a capacity of 150 tonnes/day and a packaging facility of 150 tons/day, ranging from 15kg tins to 50ml pouches.

Our greatest strength however, is undoubtedly, our people. Their experience and wisdom matches the best in the industry. They have been with us from the very beginning and have grown with us. They are our biggest asset when it comes to innovation and excellence.