Supreme Rice Bran Oil

Better Protection for heart and related blood vessels.
World health Organisation
Recommended fatty Acid profile.
Only source of oryzanol and other Anti oxidants.
Ideal for indian cooking due to stability at high temperature.
Economical – 15% less absorbtion of oil while frying.

Gives better taste and Flavour to food.
Frying takes less time, saves energy.
Longer shelf life.
Enriched with Tocopherols, strengthen the nervous system

Available in 1 ltr and 15 k


Extracted from premium grade sunflower seeds.
No saturated Fats.

Rich in poly Unsaturated and mono-Unsaturated fatty acid.
Rich in “Vitamin – E”.
One table spoon provides 5.6 milligram of alpha tocopherol.
Anti Oxidants strengthens immune system and lower risk of heart disease.
Reduce the level of bad cholesterol (LDL cholesterol) in the body

Available in 1 ltr and 15 kg.



  • Contains Natural Anti oxidants.

  • Melts on body temperature.

  • Soft in nature and easy to digest.

  • Less Oily and Longer Shelf Life.

  • Makes food More Tasty.

  • Available in 50 ml, 100 ml, 200 ml,500 ml ,1 lt and 15kg