Great Chef Puff Vanaspathi

Where Applicable

  • Entire range of Puffs and Kharis “Crispy”

Special features

  • Optimum plasticity for easy application

  • Spreads evenly for a perfect lamination and layering

  • Comes in 5 equal slabs in block form

  • Free of lumps to ensure uniform distribution


  • Very good layer separation

  • Better Patty rising and height

  • Puffs are crisp and flakier

  • Unmatched mouth feel

Available in 15 Kg BIB

Great Chef Icing Cream

Where Applicable

  • For ultra premium Icing and Decorations

Special features

  • Ideal aeration ratio to give high volume in less time

  • Non-sticky with perfect melting profile

  • Pure , brighter and snow white


  • Increased coverage due to High Volume

  • The pure white makes the added colours look natural

  • Amazing melt-in-mouth giving a rich release of flavours

Available in 14 kg BIB

Great Chef Cake Margarine

Where Applicable

  • For Fruit Cakes, Plum Cakes , Muffins etc

Special features

  • Great whipping property delivering better creaming

  • Works as a superb butter substitute

  • Aids higher ratio of added liquids


  • Gives excellent volume and structure – more cakes/ batch

  • Soft, very smooth but firm crumb structure giving a rich and moist mouth feel

Cakes stay fresh for a longer period

Available in 14 kg BIB

Great Chef Aerated Bakery Shortening

Where Applicable

Premium Biscuits and Crunchy Cookies

Special features

  • Ideal aeration ratio minimizing mixing time

  • Best Solid fat content to prevent fat bloom

  • Spread ratio very consistent

  • Reduces length of gluten making Crunchier


  • Delightful melt-in-mouth experience

  • Crunchier, crispier and tastier Cooking and Biscuits

  • Quick release of favor adding Special Bite feel

  • Longer Freshness of Biscuits and Cookies

Available in 14 kg BIB

Century Puff Vanaspathi

Where Applicable

  • Puff , Croissant, Kharis and Danish Pastries

Special features

  • Good even plasticity

  • Good layering properties

  • Excellent for lamination both manual and mechanical


  • Excellent volume

  • Great dough stability

  • Super flavour release and mouth feel

Century Biscuit Vanaspathi

Where Applicable

  • Non aerated shortening for Biscuits and Cookies

Special properties

  • Excellent Dough Binding properties

  • Quick , good and even spread


  • Good Increase in volume

  • Lighter and tastier biscuits

  • Great flavour release and mouth feel

Century Icing Cream

Where Applicable

  • Aerated shortening for Icing and Decorations

Special features

  • Ideal aeration giving volume jump in reduced time

  • Perfect melting profile to ensure non-stickiness

  • Bright white appearance


  • Brings natural glow to the added colours

  • Sharp meltdown to ensure quick flavour release

  • Great volume icing to ensure increased coverage

Century Vanaspathi

Where Applicable

  • For super-soft Breads and Buns

Special features

  • Allows dough to expand easily during fermentation

  • Mixes well, facilitating easier handling of dough

  • Sustains dough volume without shrinkage

  • High volume


  • Delivers better taste and aroma to Breads and Buns

  • Improves softness of the Baked Bread

  • Keeps Breads fresher for a longer time

New Green Gold – Vanaspati

Where Applicable

  • For premium Biscuits and Cookies

Special features

  • Excellent spread ratio and ideal slip point

  • Superb dough binding properties

  • Sharp melting properties


  • Tastier and Crispier biscuits

  • Excellent and instant release of flavour

Delightful mouth feel and eating experience

Green Gold (Red) – Vanaspati

Where Applicable

  • For popular Biscuits and Commercial Production

Special features

  • Great dough mixing

  • Quick , good and even spread

  • Great reworking properties


  • Biscuits are tasty and crispy

  • Value for money and very economical in the long run

  • Optimal melting point giving great flavour release